Second Life
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How to buy Land from us.

Click on the Location for any one of these parcels to view them in world.

Once you have found a parcel you like simply follow the step by step instructions given by the sign in world, click on the rotating question mark on top of the sign for step by step instructions.


Note: you must have installed Second Life for the location links to work properly.

Currently Available Land

Location (Click to Visit in SL) ParcelSize Prims Description Price
Stradbroke[91,152] 512sqm 187 Waterfront L$1


If you are not a Member, see for yourself by joining second life today, it's totally free to join and to explore the metaverse. You even get a bonus $L250 to spend in world, which can be used to buy your first block of residential land from us(If available).

Keep in mind that if you wish to purchase residential land from us on one of our private island estates you will not need to become a premium member, You can remain a basic free member, simply return to our website for instructions on how to purchase your first block.